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Launch your Business Website in 3 Days


Do you have a website for your business yet? Whether you need a company website to display your company profile or an e-commerce website to sell your product, we will launch your business website in 3 days. Get in touch with Integra Informatic Solutions, we provide a high-quality website for all businesses.

Why Your Business Needs a Website

According to Forbes publication on Building a Successful Website for Your Business, it is clearly stated thus;

During this “new normal,” a great website can not only have a huge impact on your relationship with customers, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to draw people in and build trust. This can help boost your profits and build a solid customer base.

People search for businesses online; In fact, more than 90 percent of consumers use the internet to find a local business before they actually visit it. It’s no secret that using digital tools such as online and e-commerce marketing methods can benefit small business. So, it doesn’t matter whether you run an offline or online business, get a website for your business today. Digital advancement starts with a website.

Get a Website for your Business

4 Reasons Why Having a Website is a Must.

1. Consumers want it

We live in a digital age and consumer behavior changes over time to adapt to modern technology. And to woo new consumers and retain the existing ones, you’ll have to make it easier for them to reach you.

With every consumer now spending on average five hours online per day, it is not very difficult to determine that a website is the best way to reach your customers.

In fact, most of today’s consumers want their favorite companies to have a healthy online presence so that they can easily reach and interact with them. A more astonishing fact is that companies without a website are considered less professional.

2. Your business needs it

People are searching for your business online. A website will not only make it easier for these consumers to reach you but also it will enable your business to reach new dimensions in the global market.

If one of the primary aims of your business is to be where your consumers are, a website can help you reach your customers more effectively while, at the same time, making it easier for consumers to find and shop from you.

As a leading web design company in Nigeria, Integra Informatic Solutions is committed to providing the latest website design services with impressive typography and aesthetics.

3. A better way to engage

What exactly does it mean to engage with a business? It’s not just about shopping with a company but also about interacting with it for queries, getting to know more about it, the company history, future plans, and more. And all this is possible via a business website (& blog).

4. Beat the competitors

If you have a competitor who is doing rather well compared to your own business, I would bet that they have a website that consumers love to visit and shop from.

So, the only way to beat them is to have yourself a website that is better in every aspect, including design, user experience, sales, and service.

A well-optimized website that ranks well in the search engines can give your business wings, literally.

To conclude,

A big part of your existing and potential consumers are searching online for you. If you want to be found by them, it is crucial that you take your business online. And what better way to do it than a good, well-designed, user-friendly, and impressive website.

If you need help with building yourself a great-looking business website, Contact Integra Informatics Solutions

We can provide you with services according to your needs. You can hire us by contacting us at +234 802 787 8419 or info@informaticsolutions.com.ng. We are happy to help you and be rest assure that we will launch your business website in 3 days

So, if client satisfaction and happiness matter at all to you, make sure your business has a good quality website.

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